Summer Reading: Fearless by Max Lucado

Although this book doesn’t officially go on sale until today I got an opportunity to get an advance copy. Never been much of a Lucado reader but something about this title really appealed to me. It is so appropriate for the times we are going through and honestly Max Lucado is so perfect to address it. I really enjoyed the book especially the chapter on being peaceful. He has a great acronym that all of us should commit to memory. (look for post later this week on that).
I love the scripture that Lucado uses to address and support his argument against a Christian being full of fear. In one chapter he addresses the fears that parents go through raising children and got be honest it hit home. One of the greatest fears I have is that something tragic might happen to one of my children. Lucado’s loving words not only reassure but also give strength and courage.
I highly recommend this book to everyone but especially to those who chronically dear with fear. If you would like to purchase the book click on the picture above


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