Turning 40

I have been delaying writing this post for awhile. I turned 40 a couple of weeks ago. I am not mourning over that I am recovering from it. I had a great party with lots of wonderful friends and family. But I gotta tell you I have been feeling it. Whether it the metabolism switch getting turned off or I am just plain out of shape I have been exhausted. I guess you can blame it on trying to raise four young kids at this age or my poor diet and workout plan.
In my profession turning older is actually a good thing. With age comes wisdom and respect. I am not one of those people who bemoan getting older. Truthfully my thirties were a great decade. As I mentioned earlier we welcomed four children into the family and that has been the greatest joy in my life. Not sure if I truly knew joy before that. God also blessed us is so many other ways. We are fortunate to have purchased not one but two homes and are pretty much debt free. We also started a wonderful church and I became a senior pastor which was spoken over me when I was four years old.
I am looking forward to my forties. God willing I will get to see my children turn into teenagers, I will enter my second decade of full time ministry, and we will begin to see some of the dreams and visions that God has put on our hearts come to fruition. The typical person tends to live until they are seventy. If that is the case with my life I am past mid-life. I want these next thirty years to have a powerful impact for the kingdom of God.


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