Sunday Thoughts

With this being Labor Day weekend you never know what is going to happen. You might have an empty house, no workers, and various snafus due to the holiday mentality. Fortunately we eluded all of those this weekend. We had a great turnout, more than enough workers, and everything technical went off without a hitch which is always reason to celebrate. Here are a few of my thoughts from today:

  • God has really been speaking to me and all of the leaders about new wineskins. We have had a ton of new people step up to serve for the very first time.
  • Really enjoying Tom as the worship leader. He is learning to lead the congregation as well as the worship team
  • There has been such a great feel for the fellowship. Had to try several times to get the attention of first service. That is always a good problem
  • People are bringing friends. Each week I have people come up and introduce someone they invited.
  • The key to any growth in a church is people inviting family and friends.
  • We have a ton of new babies at the church. Saw several carriers. Might have to establish a stroller parking
  • There is a real excitement for the Fall season of ministry
  • Mid-week study starts this Wednesday at Providence Landing clubhouse. Going through Romans.
  • Women’s study starts friday morning at the Ministry Center. They are going through 1 Corinthians
  • Really excited about going to the Dodger game on the 18th with forty three other people from The Village Chapel
  • Short weeks always throw me off. Have to carve out time for all the studying I have to do.
  • So glad College Football is back. Had a great day Saturday with the family watching all the games.

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