Learning by Incentive


We just instituted an allowance system at our house. We have given chores for our three oldest children to do everyday and at the end of the week we give them their allowance. Jen went to Staples and picked up these neat little chore sheets that we hang on the refrigerator. Each time they do one of their chores we put a star next to the task. We tally them all up and if they have met a certain number of stars they get their allowance.
It has been fun to see their reaction to it. All have been excited but reacted differently. Caleb is excited to see all the stars he gets. Allie wants the stars because it means money and Toby wants to do it because his older siblings are doing it. It has also put the pressure on us. We have had to get organized so they can do their chores. Some want to do them as soon as they get up. One of Caleb’s chores is to check the mail, but he wants to check it at 7:30 AM! Don’t know how long the excitement will last but loving it will it does.


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