Sunday Thoughts

Summer is real hard to blog. With the weather and sunlight you gotta get out and do something. This has taken much of my time this summer between family trips to Pismo and working in the yard we have been really busy. Here are a few of my thoughts from yesterday:

  • Such a good feeling at church. Fellowship was off the charts
  • We have such great volunteers at the church. I can’t love them enough!
  • Karl, one of our elders, spoke for me and knocked it out of the park!
  • Lots of visitors yesterday. Met several of them
  • Really been focusing on the presence of God in my personal life, that is all I want
  • Been a real busy summer for everyone.
  • Did my sixth or seventh wedding ceremony on Saturday. I have lost track.
  • Very God Honoring ceremony and it touched some people there
  • Had a great time BBQing with a family in the church on Sunday night. Love doing that stuff
  • God has been working on me for the vision on The Village Chapel. Looking forward to what He will reveal
  • Office will be quiet all week with Tom & Karen gone to camp and Christin out sick till Wednesday
  • Reading some great books that I will share at a later date.
  • Posting will continue to be sporadic until September comes around

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