Catching Up

It has been almost a month since my last post and a lot has been going on. God is doing a new work in our church and although I am not sure what it is fully I am excited for what it will be. With the addition of the midweek study my study time has doubled.
I am really enjoying both studies right now. 1st Samuel has been such a timely study for our people. Last week we looked at dealing with failure. It really hit a cord. I recommend you listen to the podcast. On Wednesdays we are going through a study on the Holy Spirit and it has been powerful! Last week we looked at the fruit of the Spirit and really focused on Love. My voice recorder on my iPhone hasn’t been working so it is not on our podcast.
Today we had Jay Leach at the church. He did an amazing job and our people really responded. His music brought a real calm to a lot of people who have been pretty harried lately. The break was nice also.
Speaking of a break I will be going on a two week study break starting on Monday. With the baby being born and the addition of the midweek pretty much everything that has been going in me has been poured out. I really need a time of being filled up. So with much of the staff gone this week and next at camps it is a good time for me to hole up do some indepth study, reading, and prayer. If you remember I ask that you pray for me that I will be the sponge I need to be during this time. I want to be filled and I want to hear from God.


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