Myths About the Unchurched

Thom Rainer has a great blog post today that I wanted to share with you:

Myths About the Unchurched –

Myths Uncovered

Some of our research dispelled conventional wisdom about the unchurched. Let me share just four of those “myths.”

Myth #1: The church is a strange and mysterious place to the unchurched. To the contrary, the formerly unchurched told us that neither the church experience nor the church language confused or intimidated them when they were unchurched. In fact, most of the unchurched actually attend church at least once a year, so they had some level of familiarity with local congregations.

Myth #2: The unchurched are intimidated or turned off by deep expositional preaching and teaching. Perhaps one of the most surprising findings in our studies is that deep biblical teaching and preaching actually attracts the unchurched. Perhaps even more surprising is that nine out of ten formerly unchurched affirmed this truth.

Myth #3: The unchurched are not interested in Sunday School and similar small groups. Just the opposite is true. Surprisingly, an unchurched person who ultimately connects with a church is more likely to be involved in a Sunday School class or a small group than a long-term Christian. For example, seven out of ten formerly unchurched were in Sunday School classes, compared to six out of ten long-term Christians.

Myth #4: The unchurched cannot be reached by personal and direct evangelism. Again, the evidence dispels this myth. Nearly two-thirds of the formerly unchurched told us their primary exposure to the gospel came from another Christian sharing with them one-on-one. And they expressed dismay that most Christians are unwilling to share their beliefs with non-Christians.

I am finding all four of these to be exactly spot on. The deeper I teach God’s Word the more people eat it up.


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