Strong Values

If you have read this blog for a while you know that at The Village Chapel we have four Core Values. Those values are Worship, Outreach, Relationships, and Discipleship. For two years we have trained people in those values and it is really cool to see them in action.
On Sunday we saw all four in action. There is nothing better than worshiping together as a church. Over all three services there was this sense Awe for God. I love that.
Probably the neatest surprise was seeing the Outreach value in action. So many people got into inviting people to come. We had the normal extended family attend because it was Easter but several people went above and beyond to get friends and family there. Great Stories. We have one elderly lady who definitely pulled some “Mama” power to fill up a whole row of family members.
Our church loves to fellowship. Always has and to be honest it gets a little crabby when we go an extended time without a all church fellowship event. Well Sunday you couldn’t drag people away from hanging out. We normally are out of the church by noon but this Sunday I left at twenty after twelve and there was still a ton of people there.
Easter is also a great opportunity to involve new people in serving. We had a ton of new people serving in all types of areas. That generates energy that is felt by everyone. That energy creates momentum which in turn creates growth. I am excited to see what God does from all the people who were used to serve.


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