Weekend Thoughts

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This weekend was a full one for The Village Chapel. It started off Saturday morning with about 60 people from the church stroming the church offices to handout doorhangers in Vandenberg Village. For the first half an hour everybody was punching out the holes so we could hang them on doors. It was a fun and festive atmosphere to say the least. Christin and Tom did a great job getting the youth out to help and we had a bunch of families come and do it as a family. There was such a great feeling before everyone went out. Karl, our outreach guy did a phenomenal job as usual. Overall we hit over 2000 homes in Vandenberg Village.

After that there was a Village Chapel wedding in Santa Maria that I was offciating at. Chris Rojas and Diedra Dutra got married at Waller Park. It was a beautiful day to go with the beautiful couple. At the reception the youth came as worked as servers. They really showed their chops and may get several more phone calls to help at banquets after the job they did.

Sunday services were so good. I am loving doing our series on “It Is Finished” It has turned into a theology 101 course and people are really getting it. It has stretched me in so many good ways. I am realizing that a leader should always be stretching themsleves out of their comfort zone of no one will. On Easter Sunday we are talking about victory which I think is the best topic to talk about on Resurrection Sunday. There may be a few curveballs in it so don’t miss it.

Joe and the worship team went unplugged for worship and rocked the house. Joe played the cajon and it sounded so good. Sometimes simplicity can take you into the presence of God so quick. It was nice just to enter in to praising God. Looking forward to the set they have for Sunday. We have a solo being sung and they are singing my favorite Christian song. (I may have had a hand in picking it out.)

Four people came to Christ on Sunday. One was a mom who was bourght by her daughter who has been coming to Kids church on her own for a couple of months. Pretty awesome story but needs a lot of prayer. Always love when people come to Christ.

We ended up the day taking the family to the park where we hooked up with Jen’s brother’s family and ran into another Village Chapel family. Ended up playing baseball for over an hour. My boys were in heaven. Then headed to pizza over at our families house and then a party at another family members. By time we got home our kids were in exhausted bliss. Good weekend


One thought on “Weekend Thoughts

  1. That does sound like a great weekend. My best friend, Brian and I handed out tracts up in Venice Beach area.


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