Sunday Thoughts

Sunday services have been so solid lately. Between doing a series on “Living the WORD” and now “It is Finished” we have established a strong theological base for how we are going to operate as a church. Personally studying the five things that Jesus did for us on the cross has been very rewarding. Going deeper into the meanings of Justification, Propitiation, and Redemption has solidified my theological base. I hope our church has enjoyed hearing them as much as I have had teaching them.
Yesterday ended up being colder than anticipated. My wife brought the kids in spring clothes and they were freezing their booties off. It was that way with almost everyone.
We had lots of new visitors yesterday. That is always a good sign. Now the challenge is to get over to meet them. Each week I have people who tell me about people that have been coming to the church for months and I don’t know who they are. I probably recognize their faces but their names don’t ring a bell.
We had a mom visit our church for the first time yesterday because her daughter has been coming on her own to Kids church. That excites me. Christin is doing a great job with her team to minister to our children.
The youth rocked Mission Hills yesterday with the cook out at the the Tefft’s house. Tom told me that over 70 students made their way to the house at one time or another. I hear there was a mean game of ultimate frisbee going on. I am so stoked on what God is doing in the youth group.
Finally I went home and crashed. One of the children woke up at 2 am and I had a hard time going back to sleep after that. I was pretty much a zombie the rest of the day. My poor wife. Only four weeks till baby comes.


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