How Leaders Should Spend Their Energy

I reviewed Wayne Coreiro’s new book last week and I have already put some things into motion from that read. First was my personal retreat the I blogged about this week. The other thing that keeps bouncing around in my head is a quote he has in the book:

“A Leader needs to give the ministry or company the vertical lift it requires to improve and advance”

Ever since I read this it had been coming back to me time and time again. What am I doing to give vertical lift to The Village Chapel? I have had a great time with it and have actually put into motion several things this week which when ready will give lift to the church. I love doing this type of thing and I believe that it is one of my gifts. Leaders should be good and getting things started then giving it off to someone else to manage.

Yesterday morning in a conference call that I was a part of the speaker quoted Lord Alfred Tennyson:

“A Church is forever building, decaying, and restoring”

If we aren’t building then we are decaying which necessitates us to restore it. At any given moment the church is going through one of these stages. So it goes to show that a leaders should always be building and giving lift to something. This is the most effective use of their energy.


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