Average Church Attendance on a Weekly Basis


There is a new study out showing the real attendance of churches on a Sunday Morning. You can find this at http:the americanchurch.org

Some surprising things.

  • In So Cal average attendance is only 14%.
  • Attendance in Santa Barbara county is a little higher at 16.7%.
  • In Evangelical churches growth is flat between 1990 and 2000 at 7%
  • So Cal is 50% Catholic & 18% Non-Denominational (this is where Village Chapel lands)
  • In 1990 LA county was 40% white and 39% Hispanic
  • In 2000 LA county was 30% white and 45% Hispanic

This all brings up how we as a church are going to reach the people in our community? If only 16.8% of the people are in services on a Sunday morning in Lompoc how do we reach the other 83.2%?


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