The Flip Video Camera

The Flip Ultra
The Flip Ultra

We have had our video camera for the last 12 years. It was a wedding gift. While it is technically working it hasn’t fully worked since we went on missions trip to Costa Rica in 2002. Just goes to show you how much we video. 3 2/3 children later and we don’t have much video to speak of. It all is going to change now. Went down to Wal-mart and purchased The Flip Ultra Camcorder. It is literally the size of my iPhone and weighs less. Anyone can use this because all you do is push the big red button to video. Uploading videos to a computer is as easy as plugging the USB in and using the installed software and away you go. I have uploaded a couple videos to You Tube already. The best thing is that it only cost us $129 for the video camera.


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