Biblical Leadership Part 1

I spoke at the Central Coast Calvary Chapel Men’s Conference on Satruday and I wanted to share with you my notes from the talk. I taught out of Exodus 18 and the lessons learned by Moses from Jethro. I will break this down into four parts to make it easier to digest.

Stand Up & Lead

Moses wasn’t drawn to leadership. He had run at the first sign of conflict, he needed God to speak through a burning bush, and God had to use his brother, Aaron because Moses stuttered. Moses needed to learn how to Stand up and lead.

Leadership takes people who are going to be strong. There is no room for mambsy-pambsy leaders. Leadership isn’t a team thing it is an individual who is called. If you are called to lead then stand up and lead. People are tired of weak leaders who refuse to make a decision or just cover their butts. Hard times call for leaders who will take a stand.

Leadership is 100% about people. I can’t find anywhere in any book (inlcuding the Bible) where people lead something besides people. Leading people is hard and messy but they are in need of leading. People are lost without a leader. Even though they may resist your leading if you are in a leadership position then you need to lead. It takes courage and it takes perseverance.


2 thoughts on “Biblical Leadership Part 1

  1. Great stuff Chuck. John Maxwell says that everything rises and falls on leadership. We all have within us a yearning for the leader within. One of the signs of a great society is the existence of leaders in every field.


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