Awesome Sunday

I know you are going to think this is a post about how our Sunday services went but it is not and I won’t be doing one this week. Yesterday was my 12 year wedding anniversary! I had an absolute blast with my wife celebrating. Let me start with the biggest treat. Grandma came and picked up the kiddies after church for the night! Anything from there was just icing on the cake.

We started by going to the Village Coffee Stop for lunch and the Owner David bought our lunch. I love that guy and everybody there. We had an incredible breakfast. Then we went home and I took an hour and a half nap. Ooops! We were supposed to get going to Santa Barbara by 2pm but I didn’t wake up until 3pm. After our mandatory stop by Starbucks we headed down to the SB and walked around State Street. You could definitely see the effects of the economy there. Anthropologies was shut down as well as several other small stores. It was kind of a depressing atmoshphere to tell you the truth. Not many people walking around and no one buying. Nordstroms was empty.

We then headed over to Montecito for dinner but we went by Westmont first to check out the fire damage. Ouch! The whole campus is tore up by either the fire or construction going on. Kinda sad. We had dinner at Vis Vai, the most amazing Italian food! Rene and Camille turned us on to it and it was the best Italian food I have had this side of Europe. The cool thing is that is costs the same as Olive Garden. It is in the heart of Upper Montecito, and if you ever wanted to know where the real rich people eat at in Santa Barabara this is the place.

We finished off the night winding down in our own home to the sound of silence. It was an amazing day with my beautiful bride.


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