I am a Numbers Guy

Some people see things in pictures, other see them in words, I see things in numbers, always have. I can tell you most of my phone numbers that I have ever had dating back to my first in Lancaster (805-942-0208). I can’t explain it to you but something about the sequence of numbers helps me to easily commit it to memory.
A lot of pastors are knocked for putting too much emphasis on numbers but honestly I can’t help it, it is the way I am wired. I look over budget numbers and see whether a month is good by percentages. I judge if a program or system is working by measuring the numbers.
The funny thing is that I never got into math in school except for Statistics, which makes sense. Algebra, Geometry, and that stuff could never hold my interest because I couldn’t see the value in it. It gets even funnier when I think that I got my degree in English which is kind of the anti-numbers major, yet I use that training everyday as a Pastor.
When I was young I would scour the sports pages looking at box scores, standing, and transactions all the time making up my own number system in my head. It was fascinating.
There is another number that really pumps me up. The number of people that come to now Jesus at the Village Chapel. I love it when people raise their hand for salvation because that means more people in the Kingdom of God, the most important Number of all. I can never get enough of those numbers.


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