Weekend Thoughts

Can’t just call today’s post Sunday’s thoughts because there was so much that happened in the church this weekend. I am so proud of our people and am priviledged to be the pastor of this church. We are expanding in so many areas and seeing so many people step up into areas of service and leadership it just sends a charge through me. Here are so of the tings bouncing around my mind

  • We had 25 students attend the Purity conference down at Reality Carp
  • Our mens ministry and hospitality teams had it going on at the Wal-Mart BBQ on Saturday
  • There were yellow shirts all over the place, it was a sight to see
  • Ernie did a great job with the BBQ crew
  • Karl & Diana did an equally great job with the servers and support
  • I was shocked when Wal-mart gave us a check for $1500!
  • We are going to use that to pour back into the community in some way
  • Church services were awesome today
  • We are taking a break from going through a book and going through our core values
  • The message series is called “Living the WORD”
  • Today we looked at worship
  • It was challenging on several levels and I am not sure you can ever please everybody when it comes to worship
  • After services we invaded the Pizza Garden
  • When I mean invaded I mean we had enough people there to fill it twice
  • Everybody had to squeeze in which forced us to fellowship with new people
  • We raised some good money for our Jr Highers to go to camp
  • I am exhausted and am going to bed

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