a Day in Solvang

Levi Leipheimer
Levi Leipheimer

For the last three years I have gone down to Solvang in February with my buddy Rene to watch the Tour of California. It is a day that I look forward to every year. They hold the time trial which is a bike race where cyclists race against the clock. Only a select few riders are very good at this. It is one area that Americans are really good at.

Today was no different except the Rene and I took our sons for the first time. We had a blast along with a million other people. I have never seen so many people in Solvang in my life. The main reason was because Lance Armstrong was there. People were ten deep in most parts of the race. It was didfficult to move around because a lot of people had thier bikes they were walking around or their designer dogs (don’t even get me started!).

Once again Levi Leipheimer won the race (3rd time in a row). He leads the entire race for the third year in a row and looks like a lock to win. There were a lot of big names like Floyd Landis and David Zabriskie. Overall it was a fun day and my son Caleb couldn’t tell me enough how much fun he had. Any time like that between a father and son is priceless.


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