Missionary Update: Dan Finfrock

Here is an undate from Dan Finfrock who head up Intensive Care Ministries.

Dear Friends Who Pray,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I have returned safely from my three week trip into Africa.  I first visited Nairobi, Kenya, where we had more than 200 pastors and leaders attending the Inductive Bible study seminar.  My Kenya director, Pastor Peter Simwa and my Tanzania director, Troy Gnuschke joined me for this seminar.  We shared the teaching load and saw God stir the hearts of these pastors and leaders.  Many shared with us that they never realized they could teach the Word chapter by chapter, verse by verse and that is actually much easier to teach that way.  It was exciting to see these leaders hunger.  We had several Bishops attending who oversea large ministries and each invited us to come do more seminars with their denominations.

The second and third seminars were held in the Congo with over 400 pastors attending.  We were told that this was the first seminars held in their area for many years due to much fighting and strife.   The pastors were so eager to learn how to study in the IBS way.  We had to use two translators because of the language differences.  It took a long time to teach because of waiting for the translators.  My opening study normally takes one hour but with two translations, it took over two hours!  We had no electricity or running water in the cities we were in and no paved roads.  The poverty amongst these people is great.

The last two seminars were held in Uganda at Calvary Chapel Kampala.  We trained 52 leaders in one seminar, how to teach the IBS course and it’s our prayer that it will be taught all over these nations. The hunger for God’s Word is great but few pastors know how to teach the Word in any depth.  Thanks for your prayers.  We saw much fruit come from these days.  Continue to pray for these eager pastors that they will put to use what they have learned.  Thanks again.  –Dan


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