Sunday Thoughts

Even with the wind howling and the threat of rain our people came out for church yesterday and God did not disappoint. What a great feeling yesterday at church. With the weather so bad outside it forced the people to stay inside longer which made the fellowship so much better. I feel like we are hitting on all cylinders with our services. I have enjoyed teaching through 1 Peter and am kind of sad that it is over. Here are a few of my thoughts from yesterday:

  • We finished up our teaching through 1 Peter by looking at The Devil
  • It was fun actually laying out who Satan was and now is
  • I missed having our two elders there yesterday, felt like part of me was missing
  • Joe did a long set of worship and I liked it
  • Our services are slowly growing in length
  • Second service was full and more space is going to be a primary goal in the coming months
  • I was really blessed by a family in our church yesterday
  • We have a retired Navy chaplain who is attending our church
  • I woke up early with a huge headache and I didn’t get rid of it until the evening
  • Spent the rest of the day after services wiped out on the couch. Haven’t felt like that in a long time
  • It is always weird having Mondays off for a holiday. Makes for a short week
  • Looking forward to our church doing the BBQ for Wal-Mart on Saturday. It’s gonna be huge!

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