The Winner for Best Coffee


Consumer Reports did a taste test of nineteen different coffees and the winner is a company you have probably never heard of. Eight O'Clock coffee won over brands like Folgers, Maxwell House, and even Starbucks. In facts Starbucks ended up on the bottom part of the list even behind some decaf brands. You can read the article here. Here is the kicker! It is half the cost of Starbucks. It only costs $6 a lb.


3 thoughts on “The Winner for Best Coffee

  1. I am not sure if you read the article but it did beat the Bux in taste. I saw your blog and did agree with you on Peet’s though


  2. Eight O Clock coffee has been around a long time. A & P Grocery stores used to carry it all the time. I remember the grinding machine in the stores for it. Good coffee… Nice memory.


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