My Superbowl Thoughts


Sundays games was a great game. Going into it I was torn because Bill Cowher, the former Steelers coach is my all time favorite football coach, but being a Rams fan growing up in LA Area I was also pulling for Kurt Warner. It wasn't until I threw on my Red shirt before the game did I fully make my choice. I am bummed but not disappointed. Try telling me that a 9-7 team that is 30 seconds away from beating a legendary franchise isn't great TV.

Besides the outcome and the commercials I came away with a few thoughts. First is that both organizations are classy. They handled themselves so well. I have nothing but respect for both coaches. For the most part the players behaved themselves on the field. There is something to say about people who go about their business in a professional manner and do it well.

Second everyone stepped up. The game wasn't a blowout. The players that were supposed to play well did. When a big play was needed a big player stepped up. There are times when big things are needed from people and most people wither, true greatness comes from doing what is needed at that moment.

Finally it was about the game, not the player. Too many times in sports you see showboating or behavior that is inappropriate. Not in this game. Everyone played as a team and there were no distractions. Sure there was celebrating but rarely was there any overt show of unsportsmanship. In a game where it could've easily gotten out of control it didn't. It is important to remember that personal glory is so much greater when achieved as a group than through self promotion.


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