Tipping Sacred Cows


Sometimes when you are speaking in church you realize that you are talking about things that are sacred to people. Whether it be a long held belief or a way of doing things, when you show through scripture that it is wrong you attack one of their sacred cows. Cows are those things that once tipped over don't know what to do and struggle to get back up.

Sunday at church I addressed a couple of sacred cows; Women in ministry and church leadership. Battle lines have been drawn over these topics for centuries. Wars were waged over who was going to lead churches and how it was going to be done. Today culture wars are waged over the battle of ordaining women in the church.

1 Peter 5 addresses both of those issues head on. It says that Elders should shepherd (lead) the church. Titus and 1 Timothy back this up by saying that only men should be ordained as elders. So men should lead the church only through the office of Elder.

If you come from a divergent background you may take issue with this. What is important to realize is that women have an important part in the church and when done right leadership empowers the church. If we hold onto theology that is unbiblical we start erect sacred cows. When someone teaches the correct interpretation of scripture it can feel like someone is tipping over a sacred cow.


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