Missionay Update: Pottengers

Praise the Lord!
-For safe travels to Kenya and that
all our luggage made it!
-For helping us through this first
transition, and helping us settle!
-For providing a special lady (Joyce)
to help with Kenya Grace while we
are in school!
Please Pray For…
-Alert minds to absorb and retain
the language.
-The logistical items that need to be
attended to due to moving here.
-That we keep our eyes on the Lord
and not ourselves or circumstances.
“…I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.”
  1 Corinthians 9: 22
Tunajifunza Kiswahili
(We are learning Kiswahili) Here we are with some of our
classmates, teachers, school staff & house help
 As we write this newsletter for January we will
be completing our second week of language school here in
Limuru, Kenya.  We are very impressed with the school, our
teachers, and the style of teaching. We can already give a
lengthy introduction about ourselves; have learned our numbers
and days of the week, as well as lots of vocabulary and
greetings. One of our teachers Peter is a local pastor here. In
addition to being encouraged in our progress in school, he has
encouraged our heart in the ministry as he shares a similar
vision. He has told us we have the heart of Kenyans and seems
excited about what the Lord is calling us to. It is exciting to hear
him talk about teaching the Word of God to his flock and then
addressing cultural things according to the Bible. An example
he shared was teaching about marriage and God’s design to
serve one another. Here in Kenya when a couple walks, the man
walks ahead of the woman and she walks a distance back. They
still converse but from a distance. In church men sit on one side
and women sit on the other. You will often see a woman
carrying a child on her back, on her front and things on her
head while the man walks beside her with nothing in hand.
Peter was encouraging the men to walk with their wives, to sit
with them and to even serve them by carrying things for them. 
It was so wonderful to hear that men were understanding and
actually making changes. It was also so encouraging to hear
that it was the Kenyans who have kept the school open and
running. There was a time it was located at a Baptist
Conference Center nearby and when the center said they were
closing school, the Kenyans said, we need to keep this going
and they have. They truly see the value of learning language
and culture and have seen the fruit for God’s Kingdom.
 We first want to praise the Lord that as we
write this we are all still healthy, have adjusted to the time and
the homesickness is mostly gone!  It feels so wonderful to be
settled in our new house and unpacked! Kenya Grace has her
own room and is doing so well at night! She and her new sitter
Joyce are doing well together. It has been an adjustment for her
not having mommy and daddy around and realizing that this is a
regular thing, but Joyce is very good with Kenya Grace and we
can hear them through the walls laughing, and playing. Joyce and
KG come join us for our morning Chai break and then KG looks
for frogs with a man named Patrick who takes care of the yard
and maintenance. We then reunite for lunch and Peg then stays
with KG for the rest of the day. Kenya Grace wants you to know
that the banana’s here are really good and they are her favorite. 
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