Frank McCourt is on Drugs!


I have been considering taking my oldest son Caleb to Spring Training in Arizona this year because the LA Dodgers just moved training camps from Vero Beach, Florida to Chandler, Arizona. So I started doing some research and found out that the NCAA will be holding the Sweet Sixteen during the same time so I could kill two birds with one stone by watchin my Bruins in the Sweet Sixteen and then catching a couple Dodger spring training games. That was until I checked prices for tickets. It is the same price as going to a game in LA.

For those of you who don't know spring training is a laid back atmosphere where you can get close to the players and have a lot of fun. The games aren't serious and most players only play three to four innings max. The stadiums are one quarter the size as regular stadiums and most games are played during the game. It was such a great deal because you could see three to four games over a weekend for a really good price. Well no more. Frank McScrooge, the owner of the LA Dodgers, thinks the games are worth the same as regualr season games. The cost for a ticket to sit on grass called the Burm is $8. Cost for a bleacher seat at Dodger Stadium is $11. Ticket prices closer to home plate where you actually got a seat were $20 and up. That is ridiculous and it won't be any time soon before I give them my money there or in LA. I am seriously thinking of becoming an Angel fan. At least the stadium is safer.


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