Weekly Schedule

Lately I have been asked what my week is like by several people. My work week goes Sunday through Thursday with Friday being my day off. I will try to give you a glimpse of what goes on in a typical week:

– Church Services
– Staff Prayer
– Study for Sunday Message
– Leadership Development
– Return phone calls & email
– Admin & Financial stuff
– Staff Mtg
– Lunch Apt
– Meetings with church people
– Counseling
– Study for Sunday Message
– Admin Mtg
– Wrap up Sunday stuff
– Meet with Church People
– Weekly Review

Now remember this is about as general as it can get but gives you a brief look into my work week. Eventually I will post how I go about my studying for Sunday and Leadership Development. If you are wanting to meet with me the best days are Tuesday & Thursday. There is little chance that I will have time on Mondays and Wednesdays. Friday is my day off which is reserved for family time and Saturday is time for message review and resting for Sunday.


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