Half Marathon Training week 1

I have signed up for a half marathon on May 9th in Santa Ynez. I plan on training over the next 16 weeks to get my body in shape. I am not a runner and never have been which is exactly why I am doing it. Due to my schedule running is the thing I have time to do.

My goal is to run the course (13.1 miles)  in two hours. That is a little faster than six mph. Right now I am running around 4.5 mph. I am also subscribing to the run-walk-run method. I run for until I can't and then I walk for a short period of time and then I run again. Some days I do intervals by running two minutes and then walk one. it has greatly increased my endurance and recovery.

This week I ran nine and a half miles total. Each week I will increase until I get up to twenty six for the week. Then I will taper before the race. I can't believe how good I feel! I have had some pain and swelling but overall I am feeling good. If you are part of The Village Chapel join me to run the race.


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