Awesome Sunday

Our Sunday services were incredible at The Village Chapel:

  • Worship was off the hook
  • It was good to have Megan up there even if it was her last Sunday before heading up to school
  • Joe is amazing on the drums
  • I wonder how many churches have a worship leader who leads from the drums?
  • Was nervous about the execution of everything with Tom at camp with the youth but everybody stepped up big time
  • First service continues to fill up
  • Second service is pretty much standing room only
  • The vibe between services and after second is a lot of fun to be around
  • Talked about Biblical Community (see post by that title below)
  • Went pretty hard after the standard that Peter lays out for Biblical community in 1 Peter 4:7-11
  • I don't normally pump the podcast but go here to listen if you missed.
  • Hearing lots of good stories about people joining our small groups
  • The Women's ministry is off to a great start!
  • God is really showing me some changes He has in store for 2009. Excited about that.

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