Missionary Update: Dan Finfrock

Dan Finfrock is the director of Intensive Care Ministries which teaches pastors all over the world the Inductive Bible Study system. We support him financially on a monthly basis. He sent us an update on one of his staff:

I just wanted you to be aware of a very serious event that took place in Tanzania this last Monday.  Troy and Jen were robbed in their home and terrified as the robbers tried to shoot and kill Troy.  They shot at him at almost point blank range twice and miraculously missed.  Only God knows why they missed.  The robbers fled with many of their valuables including lap tops, cameras and about $2000 in cash.  They live outside of the city and have felt  very safe until this event.  I have asked them to move into the city and they are in the process of locating another home.  Jen and daughter Kayle were hidding in the house and were obviously traumatized especially when they heard shots being fired.  I talked with Troy yesterday and he said they have moved their valuables out of the home and are staying with some other missionaries who have opened up their home to them.  They are all doing okay but it's going to take some time for them to recover.  They understand that this is big time spiritual warfare as the enemy sees them as a threat to his work of darkness.  Anyway, thanks for praying for them.  –Dan


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