New Years Day Traditions

There have been several tradiions that I have developed over the years on New Years Day. It all started about 25 years ago (I can’t believe I am saying that). My uncle introduced me to the seven layer bean dip and from that point forward I have been making them as I gorge on football. My mother used to make home made cinnamon rolls to eat when we watched the Rose Parade. I still miss those. Just recently I added Buffalo Wings to the mix. This year I added a new tradition; yard work. I spent three hours trimming the lemon trees in my backyard. They were out of control. Which reminds me can somone tell me why lemon trees have thorns? Seems totally unnecessary but they have the largest thorns I have ever seen.

I always love New Years Day. It is the most relaxing day of the year. Not a bad way to start the either. Happy New Year to you all. Feel free to share your Jan 1 traditions.


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