Pac 10 Not So Weak After All


The Pac 10 is off to a 3-0 start for the bowl season. For a conference that everyone said was so weak it has taken down some pretty tough teams. It has beaten a Big 12 team (Okla St), a Mountain West team (BYU), and a ACC team (Miami). Not bad for a down year. Or was it a down year after all?

The Pac 10 doesn't schedule cream puffs like the SEC or Big 12. They are the only conference to play every team every year. Thier non conference opponents aren't 1aa teams but teams from up and coming conferences like the Mountain West (who happen to have a team in the BCS this year, Utah). Still they get no love. Today Oregon State will probably run all over Pitt and tomorrow USC will do it annual drumming of a Big 10 team. If that happens it will be the only conference to go undefeated in bowl games. Still sound weak to you? Sounf off.


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