Family Vacation

We took a short family vacation over the weekend. It started by going up to Lancaster to see my Dad who was turning 73 years old. It was fun for the children to see their grandpa. We also got a chance to see my sister and nieces and nephew. It was a lot of fun. My Dad's hearing is going to pot so conversation is an adventure.

On Saturday we headed to Anaheim for our time at Disneyland. On the way we stopped by Ikea in Burbank and promptly got lost in that cavernous maze of home decor. Anyways I gave up an took the two older ones to the play area. Jen promptly came out with a massive blue bag of stuff.

That night we headed over to Disneyland to watch the Christmas parade. It was way too packed and the kids were melting down so we went to Toon Town where the kids rode the Go Go Coaster. After fighting our way out of the park we proceeded to sleep 10 hours. This ended up being a God send because we needed the energy for the next day.

The full day at Disneyland was a blast! I rode Thunder Mountain with Caleb and Allie and had so much fun. Caleb wanted to do it again so we did. We then headed over to Tom Sawyers Island where we jumped on bridges and ran around like crazed natives. We ended the day by going on Go Go Coaster again.

It was a quick trip but much needed. I will post pictures at a later date.