BCS Thoughts

If you don't like college football then don't read any further:

They announced who is going to the Bowls this year. A Couple of thoughts:

  • Once again no one wants to touch USC
  • Someone tell me how Florida can be in the Title game after losing to Ole Miss at home?
  • USC lost to Oregon State on the road and Oregon State could've gone to the Rose Bowl
  • Not convinced by Oklahoma. They lost to Texas and really didn't play anybody else
  • None the less Florida and Oklahoma will be a good game as will Penn State and USC
  • I do not understand how Ohio State makes it to the Fiesta Bowl when Bosie State is undefeated?
  • The BCS is so rigged towards the big money schools it is not funny
  • It is even more rigged towards the SEC, Big 12, & Big 10 than the Pac 10
  • This is the third year in a row that USC is the best team in the nation and going to the Rose Bowl
  • Everyone talks about the Pac 10 being down but is Tennesse, Auburn, Mississippi State better than UCLA, Arizona State, and Oregon? Oh wait UCLA beat Tennesse!
  • the Poinsettia Bowl looks intriguing…yeah right