Preach The Word Session #3 James Merritt

James Merritt is a southern pastor that can simply bring it. I had heard of him before but never got a chance to hear him. I am going to be adding him to my regular group of listeners in the future. His intensity coupled with his southern charm really lit a fire under you. He also spoke on 2 Tim 4 and thus spent a lot of time teasing and poking fun at James McDonald. What is really neat is that all of these pastors have been friends a long time. That really comes across in their talks.

Can they Hear You Now? Preaching in the 21st Century

Preach and reach the world
Vs. 1 You are going to give an account of what you did with the Word
•    What does God think about your ministry?
o    Doesn’t matter what your peers, the press, or people think

1. Must remember the charge to be faithful
•    Preach the Word
a.    Preach confidently
o    Fan the flame, Use the Sword, Shine the Light
b.    Preach compellingly
o    Be Ready
o    Your people will never be more excited that you are
c.    Preach Continuously
o    Be ready in season and out
d.    Preach Convictingly
o    Reprove
e.    Preach Courageously
o    Rebuke
o    Don’t worry about how people are going to respond
f.    Preach Constructively
o    Exhort
o    Overwhelming message is positive
g.    Preach Compassionately
o    With great patience and instruction

2. Must realize choice to be doubtful

•    Cannot chose how people receive
•    2 Tim 4:3
•    They want to hear how they are going to be personally happy
•    Average person is more concerned with the length of sermon than the depth
•    Turn away their ears from the truth

3. Must receive the challenge to be watchful
•    Be alert: Sober to the culture
o    Two Questions congregation is asking
•    So What?
•    Now What?
•    Be Adaptable
o    Endure hardship
o    Yogi Berra: I Never Answer Anonymous Mail
o    Mind of a Scholar, Heart of a Child, Hide of a Rhino
o    If your ministry it is going to cost
•    Be Aggressive
o    Do the work of an Evangelist
o    Devil keep you from doing the work of Evangelist
o    Go find lost people
•    Be Accountable
o    Fulfill your ministry
o    Always present the Gospel, in every message