Preach the Word Conference Session #1

I am down in Riverside for the week for a great conference. Greg Laurie and his church Harvest Christian Fellowship have assembled the best communicators in the nation to come and teach 1200 ministers how to Preach the Word of God effectively and passionately.

Last night Greg Laurie started it off with a message entitled "First Century Principles for Reaching the Twenty First Century"

Working out of Acts 17:18-23 he had eight points for Effective Communication

  1. Effective Communication must begin with a God given burden
  2. Must be culturally relevant
  3. Must Arouse the Interests of his Listeners
  4. Must be Preached to the People
  5. Must be Biblical
  6. Our message must focus on Jesus, His Cross and Resurrection
  7. Must Preach the Whole Gospel
  8. Must Leave the results to God

Some thoughts I came away with:

  • While Rome was conquering the world, the Greeks were conquering the culture.
  • Culture is obsessed with the latest thing and this is permeating the church
  • Do I care enough about people who don't know the Lord
  • Don't assume that people understand what I am talking about
  • If it doesn't make sense it is pointless
  • Preaching is God's Primary way of reaching people