God’s Love does not equal tolerance

Yesterday I received an email from someone condeming me for supporting Prop 8. I have only received a few of these so far but the theme of all of them are the same. How I look at God's love is not the same as they do. Almost all of them have quoted 1 John 4:16 where is says God is Love. And in each instance they translate to mean acceptance of everyone and every belief regardless of what the rest of the Bible says.

I have engaged each of the emails I have received because the tactics of the Homosexual community is to scream as loud and as mean as possible with the thought that you will back down. It is much like my toddler who throws a temper tantrum because he doesn't get what he wants. They don't appreciate any kind of response and are offended when you do. In their ploy to get you to tolerate their beliefs they in turn refuse to tolerate yours.

Some interesting things that I am finding out is that they refuse to accept that God created the earth, they call the Old Testament myth, and that God doesn't condemn or spurn people because of how they act. This strikes me as hypocritical because how can you throw a verse of the Bible at me but refuse to accept the rest of the Bible?

God is love because He is Holy. Love is a result of His holiness not he other way around. It is very clear that God's love is not tolerant because several times it is mentioned that God is a jealous God. What is He jealous about? Us giving our affections to something that is not holy. God's love is two fold; grace and truth. His grace is unending but it doesn't absolve the truth, which is the fact that we will stand before God one day and give an account for our lives.