Sunday Update

This is a little late because honestly I was recovering from this weekend. Here are a few highlights from the weekend and Sunday Services:

  • Twelve men joined us down in Anaheim at the CC Men's Conference. It was awesome to worship with 4000 men and hear some great teaching.
  • Had Matt & Peggy Pottenger with us in services. They are headed to Kisumu, Kenya, Africa in January as missionaries. they did a great job and stirred several hearts.
  • The Youth Band rocked the house for us. So cool to see Jr. & Sr. highers rocking out. Loved the Hosanna song.
  • Taught in the Enduring Word in 1 Peter and it really hit home in our people. Thought I was going to get a standing ovation at one point in the 2nd service.
  • Moved the Hospitality inside and it worked well, especially for the women working it.
  • The Newcomers lunch was a bunch of fun. Good people and they all connected with each other.
  • I am realizing that I can't drive far distances without it tweaking my back. Couldn't move by time I got home.
  • Looking forward to what God will do on the Women's missions trip.