Sunday Update

It was our first fall Sunday at church. What that means is that there was a chill in the air and no one arrived on time. It will be interesting to see what happens when the wind really starts to whip up.

Otherwise it was a good Sunday. Teaching through 1 Peter is such a contrast from Luke. Peter is like concentrated OJ. You get so much is such a short space. Enjoyed talking about our Inheritance in God.

I am continually amazed our our youth programs. Our Student Ministry takes up the whole left side of the auditorium and more during worship. Our Childrens ministry has kid waiting ten minuted early for it to start. Totally telling the difference having Tom and Christin full time.

My wife was commenting about how many people joined the church during summer. Totally cool but the directory that we handed out yesterday is now pretty obsolete. Finding it more difficult to remember everyone's names. Looking forward to connecting with a lot of new families at our New Comers Lunch on the 19th. We always see incredible fruit from those.

I think there is a competition starting to brew amongst the ladies who bring treats for after the service. Saw a plethora of them and they were good. Keep up the good work.