Dear John Q Public

I wanted to thank you for your anonymous email. Because you took great pains to remain anonymous this is the only way that I can answer your email. By the tone of your letter I know you will read this.

I want to take this opportunity to apologize to you. It seems that this is what you were searching for in between all the expletives and accusations.

I apologize for being your youth pastor all those years ago. I apologize for teaching you the word of God each week, taking you to things like camps, conventions, and the beach. I am sorry that I picked you up for events and then took you home even though I was exhausted from dealing with you and your groups immaturity.

I apologize for calling you and your group out when your actions dictated that.

I am sorry that I hurt your feelings and that you feel the need to send me such a bitter email so long after the incident happened.

What I am most sorry for is that after all these years you feel it necessary to do this in such a way where there could be no true reconciliation. I am not sure where your relationship with Christ is right now but my hope you are still following Christ. If you are let me encourage you to handle it Biblically and contact me so that we can deal with this in love. If you aren't following Christ anymore then my prayers are with you because you know what is right and you are living a life without hope.

The ball is now in your court.