What is wrong with this picture


Besides the fact that I am putting a picture of USC on my blog what else do see is wrong with this picture? I am not talking about Ray Mauluga who is just a sick linebacker and his interception was pretty sweet. Notice the coach pointing in the background? That is none other than Ken Norton Jr. One of my favorite college players of all time and the greatest linebacker of all time….AT UCLA!

This is the greatest travesty of all time! One the best period is molding and shaping the best future NFL linebackers for the hated Rivals. It makes me sick. Norton wanted to come and coach at UCLA but was told no thanks by none other than Karl Dorrell. Can you imagine if he had been coaching with Dewayne Walker the last six years. I can tell you that we wouldn't of lost 59-0 on Saturday, maybe just 35-0.


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