3 Deacons, 2 Staff, and an Elder

Sunday was good day at the Chapel. It seems that each week we are improving how we do things and who is getting involved. I am loving seeing all the new people from the neighborhood. So many people walk to church.We are improving our PowerPoint by adding sermon notes, Our worship team is adding new … Continue reading 3 Deacons, 2 Staff, and an Elder


Late Bloomer

When I first found out that Jennifer was pregnant with our fourth child I was a little down. The main reason was that I am 39 years old. I started to realize that I would be eligible for Social Security by time this child graduates from college. It was a little depressing and made me … Continue reading Late Bloomer

Great Story!

USA Today has a great story on retirement. You can read it here. This couple retired debt free and then went on to live the life they dreamed of. It'll surprise you. Go ahead and read it.This is why I love the fact that we are doing Financial Peace University at The Village Chapel. Not … Continue reading Great Story!