Building Relationships

Sharing your faith with people is changing as time goes on. Most people are just too defensive if you try to start with the Gospel right off the bat. Relationship building is becoming vital to being allowed an opportunity to share the Gospel.  There are several relationships that I have been nurturing for quite some time that are starting to see some progress. All of these have started out as cordial greetings and have evolved into conversations that go beyond the weather. With the way people talk about the weather in Lompoc that is getting somewhere. In the last 24 hours I have had contact with all three of the relationships that I have been praying over. Two were surprisingly good conversations while the other one wasn't that good.

In the two good conversations both went the same. Each person initiated a conversation with me that was out of the norm. What ended up were conversations that had meaning and went somewhere. One was very revealing about his life and his openness to Christ. The other conversation was personal in nature and it was discovered that we both had a lot in common.

The not so good conversation did go anywhere because the guy was either down or really tired. That happens but ironically it was the conversation I was looking forward to the most. When I tried to start it he showed me that he wasn't interested in chatting. Sad because the guy wears a cross and I wanted to ask him the story behind it. That is how witnessing goes sometimes.

Prayer and Perseverance are the keys for fertile soil to be tilled and ready for good seed. If we stick at it God will give the opportunity to share the Gospel. Who are you building relationships with? You might be surprised at how God brings it about if you stick with it.