My phone as a Lightsaber

I can turn my Phone into a lightsaber from Star wars! There is an app you can download that makes all the sounds like in the movie when you wave it around. Total geek


Too Funny

Ran across this on the web today and it made me laugh. Then it made me realize that they own more property than we do, but with such a small space they obviously have to hold two services.


In the last month I have had several reunions with long lost friends. In fact I hooked up with a groomsmen in my wedding who I hadn't heard from for ten years. It has all happened through the social networking site Facebook. For a long time I had a pretty dormant account and then I … Continue reading Reunions

Sunday Thoughts

I am always amazed at the people who show up on holiday weekends! This weekend we had tons of our irregular attenders along with several new families. Very cool. We were feeling the effects of several workers being gone. Really enjoyed teaching. During Saturday morning prayer God impressed on my heart to halve my message. … Continue reading Sunday Thoughts