Missionary Update: Dan Finfrock

Dear Friends,

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I am back safe and sound from my trip to Uganda. It was a really long trip but a very fruitful time. I conducted two level 2 seminars which teaches the pastors not only how to study, but how to prepare Bible studies and sermons. I wish you could of seen the faces of the pastors as they finished preaching their second sermon through an assigned text. They were so excited, it was as though I had given a little kid a new toy. In my second seminar I had 20 pastors come across the border from the Congo to join the 100 plus other pastors. They were thrilled what they had been learning and begged me to come to their country to conduct this seminar. They shared that there were thousands of pastors in the Congo who had no training just like them. So, Lord willing, ICM will go to the Congo for seminars! It seems that the Lord is stirring the hearts of His pastors in many parts of Africa and the doors are open to train and equip. The far majority have never been trained in any kind of Bible school. These pastors are eager and willing to serve the Lord. They just need a few tools to help them along the way. Thanks for praying and supporting this work. We appreciate it much.–Dan

Make sure to join us on Sunday June 29th when Dan will be with us!


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