Checked Out

For the last three days I have been checked out of the real world. Took my wife and two oldest kids down to Disneyland for a very short vacation. No cell phone, No laptop, No nothing. It was wonderful and looking forward to going again later this summer.

Caleb and Allie had a blast! Caleb is an official Coaster Junkie. Took him on Thunder Mountain and he giggled the whole time. As soon as we got off he said "Again Daddy!"

Now I am possibly headed off for a few days of personal retreat time. It was actually my wife's ideas as we drove home! So I am researching where I could get a good rate and be in a very peaceful place. Looking forward to getting away for some God and Me time.

So the posts will be infrequent this week and I apologize right now if I don't return your email or phone call.