BBQ & Baptism

We had our third baptism at The Village Chapel on Sunday and 22 people professed their faith in Christ by being baptized! We held it at the Providence Landing clubhouse and it went off famously. The food was excellent and the crowd was lively. Our people have a heart for the Lost because they come … Continue reading BBQ & Baptism


I knew it!

They are reducing the size of containers. I had just told my wife that the ice cream went quicker than normal. If you look at the containers they are getting smaller but the price is going up. So when you realize that roll of paper towels went quick it isn't you it is actually smaller.

Sunday Thoughts

A few thoughts from Sunday services: Very solid Sunday! When the whole band is up there with Joe at guitar it is awesome! Had a funny band moment when the electronic drums rattled off "one, two, three!" Joe was welcoming people and almost lost it Good first crowd this morning Need to start moving kids … Continue reading Sunday Thoughts