Sunday Update

It has been a while since I have done a Sunday post but I have to tell you about Sunday. Typically Memorial day is one of the lowest days of the year. Last year was one of the most depressing. Sunday was totally different. I can’t explain it but let’s just say that there is something going on.

A ton of our regulars were out of town on Sunday, which included many on our leadership team. So when I walked to church my expectations were low. Well our leaders had their bases covered because all of them had people take their place to cover their positions which kind of gave us a new blood feel. Very nice to add another layer of people who can step up and take charge.

Both of our services were pretty full. First service was fuller than it normally is. What is great is that a ton of people form the neighborhood are checking the church out. It is kind of comical to watch people drive by with these puzzled looks on their faces as they check out what is going on.

Second service was full as well but it was full of our non-regulars. People who show up once in awhile. Very cool. It is producing a very cool vibe in our people and services. The volume of our people singing is evident as well as the fellowship and altar time is expanding. People do not want to go home.

I am so proud to be the pastor of The Village Chapel. The people God has blessed us with are amazing!