Home Alone

The wife and kids left this morning. They are headed up to Sacramento with family for the birthday of one niece and the dedication of another. I am left here…to move rocks. I did that for three hours today until the wind did me in. I am praying for no wind tomorrow. There is no weather I hate more than wind.

I have my weekend pretty well planned out. Watched Indiana Jones tonight. Loved the movie until the end but I won't ruin it for you. Now I am getting ready for bed so tomorrow I can move rocks all day. Actually there is a part of me (not my back) that is loving this. It frees my mind to think of things without the distractions of an office and the pounding of construction workers.

Tomorrow I go to see the play at Cabrillo. Jen saw a preview on Tuesday and she says it is awesome and funny! That is good because it would stink to pay $10 to sit on hard wood seats and be bored. The bonus is that our very own Joyce Mayhew is directing the play.

Saturday I am heading out with the Outreach team to pick up canned goods for the soon to be opening Good Samaritan shelter in Lompoc. That is going to be a blast. Saturday night, after moving more rocks, I will watch some DVD's that I got from Netflix.

After church on Sunday I will nap, move rocks, and then head down to the Pizza Garden for the Laker Game. Looking forward to that. Monday will conclude my memorable Memorial day weekend by moving rocks all day. So if you drive by honk I'll need the distraction. If you feel compassionate enough throw a chicken wing or two out the window to feed a starving husband all on his own. 🙂