Lessons From Golf

Yesterday I played golf for the first time in years. It had been a year since I had hit a golf ball and it showed. If I didn’t shank it I dribbled it. After a grueling day of 18 holes I was learning some very important lessons.

  1. Golf takes preparation. You can’t expect to go out there and surprise yourself, shocked is more like it. It is the same way in ministry. You can’t go in expecting for God to move without the proper preparation in things like prayer, study, and practice.
  2. Golf takes Practice. You will never go out and do well on your first time. Don’t believe anyone who tells you. People who’ve been doing this for years still don’t get it right every time. In ministry you have to keep at it. If you expect to hit a hole in one everytime you are setting yourself up for failure.
  3. Golf Takes Warmup. When I got to the course it was just in time to get in my cart and go to our first hole. Not one warm up stroke. It was bad on the first one and it got worse from there. My guys on my team were patient and supportive but by the end of the day we were all frustrated. In ministry if you are not getting yourself ready for God to do something then it ain’t going to happen. This happens by going to God beforehand and not just in a Hail Mary prayer (sorry for the mixed metaphor). Sit in His presence just for the sake of it and see what happens from there.

We all want to be like John Daly and just Grip it and Rip it but the truth be told that rarely works. Sure you’ll surprise yourself once in a while but that it probably God just covering your butt. Be prepared, practice, and get the spiritual muscles warm by immersing yourself in God’s presence.


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