Sunday Thoughts

Mother’s Day always brings the unique and unexpected. Unique in that the days feel is always different than any other Sunday. The unexpected because you see family members that get drug to church because mama said so. With that in mind here are some afterthoughts:

  • Very quiet before the first service
  • Lots of families in the first service
  • Must be beating the line at Hometown Buffet
  • Lots of chocolate!!!
  • We handed out a close 175 pieces of Chocolate to Mom’s
  • There is still 20 pieces at my house
  • Spoke on Parable of Ten Minas
  • Always a wake up call when you talk about the Judgment Seat of Christ
  • Communion is so cool when done with the whole family
  • Joe’s head didn’t have the glare I thought it would on stage
  • Our volunteers are becoming a machine of efficiency
  • Next year I want to do something incredible for a single mom
  • Something that will stretch the faith and wallets of our congregation
  • Had some really cool conversations with people I’ve been wanting to get to know more